Core Web Vitals as ranking factor

As you are already aware, Core Web Vitals will become an official ranking factor in May 2021.
I am in love with Webflow and I am ready to shift to it, but I have tested a lot of Webflow websites (Themes, Community websites, cloneables) and almost 90% of them doesn’t pass the web vitals test, which made me really worried. :frowning:

What are your thoughts?

Hi @hossamsalem, please see a test my homepage, here.
I am happy with it.

@hossamsalen, I have been pondering the same. Then I looked at upwork’s webflow pages which have great web vital scores.

Hope this helps and keen to hear your thoughts

Are we going to get an answer to this from Webflow? Our core web vitals are way behind competitors because of mega backend files I cant control…

Hi all! I find websites built with webflow will do much better in tests than those built with other builders like squarespace or even wordpress if you use a lot of plug-ins. If you are able to custom code build then things will be different but I have found webflow sites to be the fastest to load and have the best structure (since you build the structure yourself).

It’s always about choices. Take this bare bones Webflow build. Granted it has nothing but it is a good test base to see the impact of choices.