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Copying Styles from one project to another

Noticed that Style Management is currently in the works. So have a feeling this is likely in the works.

But is there currently any way to copy styles from one project to another?

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We don’t have sharing/copying styles to other projects at the moment. With multiple page support you will be able to to share your styles across pages. We will have a more comprehensive style manager and assets manager baked in later as well. Thanks for the question!

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@redish1 - though this is just a workaround until we get multiple pages, you can duplicate the site, which will also copy all of your site’s styles over to the new one. You can duplicate your site by clicking on this button:

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Any progress on this? It’s been an year…

Hey @fernando1lins, sorry it’s taking so long to get this out there. we want to build this feature, but have been held down by even bigger features. This feature is one of the top on our list. Thanks for your patience.


I think the Webflow guys could get some great ideas by implementing this by checking how it is done in Axure. When you import or export a file in Axure, a detailed dialogue appears, asking you what style parameters you’d want to preserve. Same holds try with the “format painter” command, which lets you copy and paste styles.