Copying NavBar changes image link size

I finished the first page of our website: and am now moving on to other pages.

I initially used symbols to try and copy the NavBar over to the next page. The About Us text turned blue and the SQZ Logo size was increased. I then just duplicated the home page imagining that nothing would change but the Logo size issue remained. You can find the copy here:

Can anyone explain what is causing this issue?

Hi @SqueezeTogether,

Can you please share your read only link ?

Here it is! Sorry about that.

@SqueezeTogether no problem at all.

Ok so it looks like it’s a buggy “current state” so here is what you should do.
First give to “about us” a link to the concerned page

Notice now next to navLinkthere is Current

It means that you can give to navLinka different style when the link is located on the concerned page.

So you want back to grey ?

No problem, do this

Noticed that if you change the color it will apply on every same classes on this state

Thanks for the help, Zbrah!

I think I have a good understanding of why and how the current class gets applied and behaves.

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