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Copying elements with interactions a lot of work?

Hi guys,
I’ve build a complex menu functionality with interactions 2.0 that affects multiple triggers, objects and classes. I want to have it now on every new site (and want to change it later globally). But when I copy the site or even the menu items to a new site it does not use the selected animation but makes a copy of it so I need to go to every trigger and tell all classes to use the global classes. For that I need to type every class in manually until it was found. This will be a lot of work for a larger number of sites.
Any ideas? If not :

What about the following improvements:

  • Add a dropdown item at replace with: “Global class” with an checkbox (sibling and nested)
  • If you’ve choosen “other class” or “global class” keep it while copying together with the sibling and nested settings