Copying a section from a template into new website

Hello everyone,
I am an absolute beginner so please be patient with me.

I am building a website for a bed and breakfast and on the rooms page in the original template that I am using there was a great section ( most of the page, introducing every room). However once I started replacing content in my template this section stopped being linked to the collection (I assume) so I deleted it.
Now I am missing this section and wanted to copy it from the original template into my project but it says I can’t copy sections into sections.
I need the whole section including images, text etc.

How do I copy this over and make sure it all links to my new content in the rooms collection?

Thank you for your help.

My project: Webflow - Bed and Breakfast Website

Original template: Webflow - Original Template

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Section into sections is a Webflow limitation. But a section is just a div anyway, so replace the section by a div with the same class before copying it.