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Copy Styles From Use For ALL Elements To A Custom Class

I was designing some paragraph elements and used the default paragraph class for the specific element designs. I really should have not done this and made it only for specific class. For example, all my paragraphs I make now are 450px exactly across, so it doesn’t fit when I float it or whatever in other places.

I was wondering if I could copy the default class and make a new custom class based off that, then turn off for making it default for all… or I have to re do to make them again.

Does that make sense?

It makes sense, and it’s not possible to copy styles the way you want, as far as I know. But maybe this gives you what you want.

Give the default paragraph - with the 450px width - the name of the class you would want to have, say “mid45”.
Make a new default paragraph, style it as you would want it to have.

Now if you need the mid45, just click any paragraph and give it class “mid45”.

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