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Copy + paste navigation full screen does not work (resolved)

I am very pleased with the fullscreen menu on my front page at I have a separate nav bar on my other pages but i would like the fullscreen menu to be available there also. Therefore i tried to paste the full screen menu and the button from the front page onto the other nav bars but the pasted version does not work properly on my site

Here is my site Read-Only:

‍Here is my live site:

Hi Simon,
Did you get the menu copied over?


No sadly i have not manager to get it to work.

Oh I just deleted the menu from Blog, and inserted the Simple Menu into it and it worked??

Yeah well i don’t want to paste the complete navigation bar. I only want the full screen menu and button to be pasted into the navigation bar on the pages. And i am wondering why those elements cant be pasted without losing the animation of the full screen menu.

Okay sure. What is the full screen menu called? I may be a little confused. Is it the 4 full length images on the Framsida 0100 page? Please take a screenshot or give the name of the menu we’re talking about. I’ll look at it right now for ya.

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The full screen menu and the full screen menu button are pasted into the Nav Bar Left but does not work. When the full screen menu button is pressed on the live site “Blogg” for example the full screen menu does not work.

The screenshots are from Nav Bar Left (simple).

I have finally managed to get i t to work!