Copy / paste list error


I’m trying to copy a Terms of Service page from a site to an other.
When I try to copy paste any elements, I get the following message " List can not be pasted in a Non-List Item. "
I tried to copy specific elements, or the whole page, in all cases I have an error.

Do you have a solution ?

Thanks by advance

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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When you copy list item (<li> html element)

The only way to “paste” & avoid this reasonable error is to paste this li inside a list.


Select another list (Not div/body/section -or- any other element) and paste

If you want the content inside the li (image and text for example) - put extra div wrapper. Put the content inside and copy-paste the div.

Hey, thanks for your answer !
It’s not working or I’m not managing to do it right … ?
Here’s my read only link :

I just try to copy this page on another website