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Copy-paste issue


I cannot copy one o the sections (the footer) with CMD + C from one of my projects and then paste it CMD + V to the other one. I tried the right click to copy the footer but then I cannot paste it to the body of my current projects.
Could anyone help please?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

  1. are you sure you’re not copying from a read only version of site 1?
  2. before pasting to site 2 can you try pasting to a brand new site?
  3. I guess there is no error message when you paste?


I have unpaid version of Webflow cause I’m in the middle of the Web Design course. In one of the lessons, I was asked to copy the footer from my first project to the second one. There is no error message. I think I’m not on the read only version. Just in case I am, how I can double check that?


Reload the Designer and if you’re on a read only mode, there’s a popup message saying it on the top right side.

Is the footer a symbol? (a green thing)

I’m not on a read only mode.

Maybe it will be easier, when you see the part, I want to copy.
It is the last section of my project, containing the container, flex box, footer columns, etc.