Copy paste does not retain form field IDs nor animation targets

Reporting a bug. 2 major copy-paste problems, and both of these have happened to me several times over the past 2 years.

  1. Copying and pasting forms from one page to another tends to strip the form field IDs and fundamentally change them from “original-form-field-id” (all lowercase letters and/or dashes) to “New Form Field ID” (changes all lowercase to Title Case and replaces the dashes with spaces). Changing form fields IDs is unacceptable and catastrophic for any third-party integrations you have set up. For example, Webflow form is filled out, and then you need the submission values to pass to Zapier/Pardot/Salesforce/Hubspot. Changed form field IDs then render the forms and the integrations useless. Manually having to go back in and fix form field names/IDs when I copied/pasted them is annoying and just bad.

  2. Likewise, copying elements/div blocks from one Webflow page to another totally renders interactions and animation targets within them useless. You have to manually re-select the target component (to fix the the yellow error icon that appears). So if you have a lot of interactions happening on a page… it’s a huge pain. Again, manually having to go back in and fix interaction targets when I copied/pasted them from another page is annoying and just bad.