Copy Over Design from One Site To Another

I have a site with a custom domain on Webflow. I duplicated the site to test some changes and ended up following through on a full redesign. I want to transfer over my design to the “real” site. Is that possible, or am I going to have to manually make all the same changes I did on the duplicate site? On Squarespace it was as simple as designating the new design as the custom domain CMS site, and the old design as the Starter Site.

If anyone has a solution it would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey Chailuv, welcome to the forum.
You basically have two options.

Webflow lets you copy and past elements between sites, so you can pull over design elements from your redesign into your main site. The challenge there is if you’ve changed classes and kept the same names, they’ll create new classes during the copy. Section will create Section 2, and so on. Keep an eye on that as you’re doing it, and you can manage that.

The other option is to bring your new design live as a new site, and replace the current one. Webflow support can help you with that. Keep in mind you’ll be effectively launching a new site, so your form submits history etc, You may have to sync your CMS’s if your live site has had CMS changes since you did the clone.