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Copy of purchased template

Hello all,

I just purchased a paid template (Taas) and have been using it for the last two days. It’s been going well and I’m starting to get the hang of it but I’m running into two issues which are preventing me from using the site:

Template copy: There was no specific documentation on modification on the template so I went ahead and starting modifying. I like what I’ve done but I’ve changed many pages and now need the original template version. How can I get a clean copy of the template for my reference?

Unused files: I’m getting an error message saying that I can’t duplicate files because I have exceeded the max number of pages. What’s the best way to keep pages while freeing up space? Can I move them to a separate file or create another project and copy them out? I’ll need some basic step by step for this because I’ve never done it

Thanks very much

You can go into your site backups to see the original and if you’d like, copy elements from it and go back to the current version and paste them. Other than that, you’d need to purchase the template again. If you just want reference for the template, find it on the marketplace and go into the “open in designer” link to see it in Webflow.

You can always copy elements out but if you want to copy page content you’ll need to wrap it all in a div to copy. You should be able to set pages to draft though and it might stop you from hitting the limit. Other than that, add site hosting and you’ll remove the limits.