Copy of Cloned Section's Button Not Functioning

Hi, I’m new here!

I’ve been fixing this bug for a few days but I did not find any solution. I cloned a 3D Carousel Slider and I need the same two sliders for my client’s website. So, I made a copy in the same body.

The 1st Slider is ‘EVEPICKS’

  • both previous & next buttons work.

The 2nd Slider is ‘FOOD’ which is a copied section from ‘EVEPICKS’

  • both previous & next buttons have the same settings but not functioning.

I tried to delete EVEPICKS, then FOOD’s button works! I’m not sure if the interaction is set to affect only one div or what. I really need all the buttons to work so bad. Please save me TT_TT

This is my Read-Only

I can only check whether the buttons work on Published Site