Copy from one media query splitt to another

I’ve been working primarily in port’ iphone mode and now i want to copy all the rules to the other device set ups, landscape, tablet ect! how do i do this?

Hi Matthew, we don’t yet have functionality to copy paste properties across media queries. We want to build this soon. The intended workflow right now is to design in Desktop, let all the styles cascade to smaller media queries and then override/create new styles in those media queries.

So I’m afraid to say you’ll have to recreate them in the desktop media query. What made you decide to only style the phone? Were you trying to do the “mobile-first” approach?

Darn, looks like i’ll have to start from scratch. massive shame - yeah basically mobile first, well mobile(ish) only but i need it to work on browsers as the client will obviously check this so up-scaling, even with a quick copy would be a good function im sure many of people would like to see.

I feel your pain man. We’ll be working on a more flexible selector system soon which will let you do what you’re trying to do. Sorry about that!


I just did the same mistake. I was trying to start from the mobile view and work upwards.

Maybe it might be helpful on the mobile view to put a little note that you should start with desktop design first and cascade downward? I didn’t think about this until I realized until after designing mobile.

I thought I could just copy paste styles from mobile to desktop view, but not possible