Copy content and page to 40 sites (one clic)


I wondered if there is a way to have 40 sites (each sites has its own hosting plan) and automate copy/paste pages and other content from one site to all other sites. Is it possible with some third party tools or API ?
My goal here is to have 40 or more consistent websites that could share the same contact page or the same home page. They are not going to be 100% the same but some part are and i do not want to copy/paste manually all modifications.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to do that with pages per se. Yes, you can copy paste the same page to 40 sites, but then if you want to make a change, you’ll have to manually do that change to all 40 sites.

However, you can use the CMS to display content on a page and then change that content via the API and automations to all 40 sites.

I have many customers who are doing exactly that by using Airtable as their single source of truth for the CMS content, and then using PowerImporter to automatically sync that content to all their sites.

Thank you! I was looking at Zapier and Airtable to connect to Webflow websites. I wasn’t sure that it would fit to my needs since I don’t really know those apps yet. But now i am more confident about it, thanks!

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