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Copy Collections to the hosted site / Or switch DNS of 2 webflow sites?

I have our hosted site on webflow that is LIVE. I made a copy of THAT SITE and have been using the copy to update many new images into the copied site. Found out you can easily copy pages site to site but not collections. Which is what most of the site is >

Live >

So now that left me scratching my head and then thought maybe I can just unhook the live site and then point the DNS > A n C records to the copied site.

Will this work? will I have to update all the links or would that happen once I change the site name? How long would it take to do this? Would the live site have to go down for a long period of time once I unhook the live site and update the DNS to the copied site.

I am not feeling 100% with this solution. I’d appreciate support on this. Will this work. Is there an easier way to do this that I may be missing?


Hey @HHJA,

I don’t have first hand experience with this. But a friend of mine was in a similar situation and Webflow support helped him swap hosting to the new site. I think he had to cancel and swap the records to the new project. I would recommend reaching out to them!

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