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Copy collection item ID of one collection and past it in a data field of a different collection

Hi, I am looking for a way to do the following within Webflow via Integromat (I guess that that is the best way of doing it).

I want to get the item ID from one item in a collection and use that to populate a data field in another item in a different collection… with the filter that both collection items have the same Customer Name.

Kinda this scenario:

Get customer name and item ID from Item in Collection A.
Update item ID in field C in Collection B If customer name matches.

Something like that… anybody out here that has run that scenario?

I am building an online service base for last-minute projects within the advertising and design industry. So I get clients to create an account (thank you memberstack). When they are logged in they can fill in a project form that will create a live item in a collection (thank you zapier). The client will then see on their own member page their account details and a list of their active projects.
In order to do this last step I need to automate that projects are created with the correct client account selected in a reference field, and thus do I need the item-ID of the client from the client collection… boy this stuff gets complicated really fast :slight_smile:

Any pointers are more than welcome.

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