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Copy-and-paste functionality WITHIN a project

Is copy-and-paste functionality within a project (from one page to another) now temporarily disabled?

I wish to copy a subpage table section that currently is on one page of my project, and paste this copied section onto a separate page of the same project – exactly as it is on the original page. I have tried using the copy/paste options, as well as duplicate/cut/paste options (accessed from the right-click menu) – and I have tried the Control-C/V route as well. None of these methods allow me to paste the copied content.

Instead, both the “Paste Inside” and “Paste Inside First” options are grayed-out, and hovering over those options’ corner “?” information icon causes the following pop-up message to appear: “To enable copy and pasting between projects (yay!), we unfortunately had to remove the context menu paste functionality (awww). We hope to bring it back in the near future.”

I am not certain what to make of this, but I can’t imagine that Webflow has eliminated the ability to copy/paste content from one page of a project to another – simply in order to add the ability to do so between different projects? That would seem to be an unacceptable sacrifice to make.

I am new to Webflow, and still learning the platform. But I have used other platforms (WordPress, etc.) in the past for several years, so I am not entirely new to web site maintenance. A professional designer built my site for me, and I had expected that afterward I could handle basic routine edits myself. Copying and pasting content from one page onto another seems quite basic to me, so am I overlooking a step here? I’d be grateful for any guidance anyone can provide. :slight_smile:

Have you gotten an answer to this yet?

No, I have not. And I haven’t tried copying and pasting lately, but – due to the fact you’re asking – I’m assuming this flaw has not yet been corrected.

For some reason this didn’t work last night for me, but today I can successfully copy and paste between projects and between pages, but the “paste inside” and “paste inside first buttons” are still grayed out.


I don’t think Webflow has disabled Copy/Paste functionality. What I do know is certain types of elements cannot be copy and pasted which will prevent you from pasting it into a different area. I’m fairly certain you cannot copy and paste something if any of its children are CMS related elements.