Copy a blog content in a static page

I would like to copy a page from my blog into a static page that would be a child page for the parent page “Service.” In WordPress, I can do this by copying the code (text) from the blog page to the static page. Is it possible with Webflow ?

@Serge_Daigneault - Webflow CMS can be used to pull in a single CMS item anywhere you can bind a collection list. Just set the filter and limit items to one.

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Do you have a tuto to suggest ? Or I heard that there are people at Webflow that can help us for a certain price. Can you guide me ?

Can you suggest freelancers to help me create a child page in Webflow? Who should I contact?

Hey Serge, I’ll drop you a message.

@Serge_Daigneault - This really simple.

  1. Create a collection
  2. Add Items
  3. Find the item you want to showcase on a static page and make note of its order number or get the name on your clipboard
  4. Create a page or go to one that exists
  5. Add a collection list where your want your CMS item to display.
  6. Set the list to limit 1 starting at whatever number you noted previously or filter on the name with the value you recorded for the item.
  7. Add elements and bind them to the collection items you want to show.

Thats it.

Buy some of @memetican’s time. He knows what he is doing.