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Cookies in iframe not working properly on webflow page

Hi Community,

I wrote a simple php form script which sends data to a database, the data will then be pulled out so I can use it in an overlay for a livestream.

When submitted the script will create a cookie for two minutes which will disable the submit button and show a message, to make sure people won’t spam. After these two minutes the page auto-refreshes and the submit button will be active again.

When I test it on the script page it works great, when I iframe it on another website it works great, but when I iframe it on a webflow page it works, only the cookie part doesn’t. The form just stays active so people can constantly keep sending messages. It just doen’t set the coockie.

I’ve tried everything but I don’t seem to get it to work.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

iFrame URL: LINK