Cookies consent

Hello folks,
I need to have a cookie consent in my site (Europe) but I c’ant find nothing for free…
Can someone help me?

There’s a limited free plan here:

I’ve used this. It’s free and open source.

  1. click on “download open source”
  2. then when you get on the next page click “start coding”.
  3. from there you can configure your consent banner
  4. then copy and paste the code into webflow.
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Just made one my self on Webflow.
here’s the link to make a cookie consent. Thanks to Pixelgeek!

Hi @Fausto

Unfortunately, I’m afraid the solution from the video is not enough for GDPR compliancy.
You script needs to manage tracking tags such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel etc…

Better use Osano or Iubenda, I use and pretty happy with it. The free plan does not have consent logging which is usually preferable for big clients, but they also have a v2 (beta) for 5 € a month.