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Cookiebot issues

I implemented Cookiebot on a site I’m working on for my client.
Cookiebot’s scanner runs into a 502 error - connection failed.
They have the password for the protection of the site.

They say it may be that their scanner’s IPs are not whitelisted. They scan from:

My ideas:
• Webflow blocks these IPs (I cannot confirm this because there is no way to see which IPs are posibly blocked)
• The Webflow site password protection, even though Cookiebot has the password, still doesn’t let cookiebot through. (I could test that but rather not since my client has access to it.)

Any ideas?

Hi there, were you able to solve this? We are running into the same issue of whitelisting IP addresses… Thanks!

No, I did not. I tried Cookiescript in the meantime. There I ran into different issues. I wish there was a built-in solution in Webflow.