Cookie Consent rejected as a User, Shopping Cart does not Work

Hi everyone,

I have the following problem:
Based on the level of cookie consent a user is accepting, the shopping cart and the “add to cart”-button works or not.
For example, when a user fully accepts the cookie banner, then the add to cart button and the cart are working. If a user partially or fully rejects any cookie banner options, then the add to cart button and the cart are not working.

Has anyone of you experienced that problem? Do you know how to solve that?
Cookie banner we use:

Hope to hear from you! BR Jens

You need to somehow mark your cart scripts (and any cookies they create) as “essential function” cookies… I know you can do this with Google Tag Manager’s privacy implementations, but I’m not familiar with Cookie Bot. Hopefully that puts you on the right track or can help someone else here come up with the exact solution for you.

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Thanks a lot! I will test it!