Cookie Consent Banner Appearing on Every Page

Hey Gang,
I’m trying to get my first webflow site launched. I’m trying to figure out why my cookie consent banner is appearing on each page after consenting. I followed this guide step by step (or so I thought) and I can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong?

Thank you so much!

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I have the same issue, also followed the guide step-by-step. Also, the Facebook pixel manager is not recognizing the pixel.

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@jpatt0n super frustrating. let me know if figure it out!

Hey Jeff, thought I’d tag you since you seem to really know what you’re doing. If you’re able to help on this, or know someone who might be able to, let me know!

Hey @jpatt0n I was having the same problem also with pixel not firing. I figured out that for me the “Delay for cookie consent” feature was blocking any interactions from firing and logging. (even after my consent button was clicked). I’m contacting customer support to figure out if this is a bug or if I’ve just somehow set it up wrong.

No response to this??

No @jpatt0n and I reached out to webflow support, no response. I’m stuck!

@jpatt0n webflow got back to me saying this was out of their purview, but that they spotted the following error. Any ideas?

You have a Zero Width Joiner (ZWJ) character in your source. The ZJW is a Unicode character that joins two or more other characters together in sequence to create a new emoji.

Delete it by backspacing over it and removing the line. Then you can hit return to replace the line if you want to format the source.

I noticed you have Iubenda providing a privacy policy. They also have a cookie consent solution which I use with Webflow sites as well. Check out their docs.

Unfortunately, the implementation of GDPR / Consent solutions is not trivial. I do this for clients and it is billable work.


@webdev I appreciate you taking a look! Hmm… I have no clue where this character would be. I deleted the Canada flag emojis in the top blue bar. Did that take care of what you were observing? Problem still happening.

Are you loading custom code in the project settings?

I’m having this same issue still, and am loading the custom code in project settings. Also, not doing anything special with my banner, no privacy policy or anything. Still pops up over and over (when going to a new page).

Hey @jpatt0n
as @webdev so kindly pointed out to me, there was a bit of unicode symbol in the footer text which I’d copied from the webflow page (which was causing the problem). Grrr!
It’s just above the line: “//Grant consent and store it in localStorage of the browser”


Wow! Damn. Yep that was it. I’m slow. Haha

Hey, I’m pretty new to webflow. Can you share a video of how to fix this? Not really understanding everything you guys are saying yet.

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Hi there! I am having a similar issue. I wanted to ask, for you if the “Delay for cookie consent” was switched on for ‘Yes’ was causing issues? and if you switched it to ‘No’ then everything went fine?
And if that is the situation, can you please tell me if the tracking and banner would work the same after or not? Thank you