Convertkit tag integration

Dear Community,

I have a problem with the integration of a "Tag “Form” from Convertkit into Webflow.

Using the Webflow instruction according to to the link (Integrating ConvertKit forms with Webflow | ConvertKit Help Center), I was able to perform the redirection of the input information for name and email from Webflow to Convertkit : OK - see 1st screenshot

But now I want to make a tag. The user should make a selection via checkbox in Webflow and this information should be forwarded to Convertkit at the same time. NOK - see second screenshot

Problem: The instruction from Webflow does not work.

Do you have any idea without resorting to third party tools ?

Thanks. Your support is highly appreciated

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Did this also answer your question here?

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THANK YOU. Yes and no. I understood that the problem is on ck side. It seems that they are not willing to support this kind of approach other than using the default design. Could you or anyone recommend what is the best practice solution for my purpose in terms of functionality and price? Main goal: Using webflow design, adding form with Name + Email AND with the aid of checkbox responses to get a better understanding about the subscribers’ needs.

According to my research

  1. Using HTML code for the form from convertkit => s**** design, not fulfilling design goal, costs: 14$/m for webflow
  2. Using a third party to migrate webflow to convertkit => design goal fulfilled, but costs 14$/m for webflow + 20 $ / m for zappier / make
  3. Using HTML code for the form from convertkit and adapting it = design OK, price OK, but exceed my webflow skills :D.

Looking forward to your reply. Highly appreciate your support!

I do this, today. I have a custom field in a CK form that, when submitted triggers an automation watching for a change on this custom field. It then adds a tag.

It’s not a bad design on CK’s part, they are actually super flexible.

It sounds like your issue is that a custom field is not by default a checkbox. Layer on some custom code to change that.

Time to skill up! (or pay someone else to make it happen). That’s on you :smile:

Beyond that… I prefer using Make (Integromat) for this instead. It allows me to keep my forms native, and glue together whatever email service I want (today, or easily swap it out in the future). It’s the better approach.

Make doesn’t cost $20/mo. It’s has an ample free tier (that get’s you very far) and the next level up is a super reasonable $9/mo.

Good luck!

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Make doesn’t cost $20/mo. It’s has an ample free tier (that get’s you very far) and the next level up is a super reasonable $9/mo.

thanks again for your answer.

I have thought about it again and tried myself on make. It works really well with the native form of Webflow.

The only thing I’m still struggling with today is tagging.
I now manage to pass the tagging (from the checkbox) to convertkit. The problem is that the subscriber is now tagged with all tags, even though only one checkbox (= 1 tag) was selected.

In the webflow there is a Bolean expression for each tag. I assume that the system understands that a stored value always means a tag.

Question: Is there a function where I can convert the bolean expression or do a filtering in order to forward only the tag with the bolean expression “true”?

YOUR support is highly appreciated

Read up on Make filters or Make Data Structures to handle that for you. Use either you can just look for whatever you need.