Converting RAR to ZIP for a virtual gallery

I’ve started working on a web-based virtual gallery designed in Webflow and have only now realized this one small issue with file formats. I have multiple RAR files containing the assets I need to use, but I understand that Webflow barely even supports ZIP files for uploads - you have to link to an external website like Google Drive.
It does allow uploading pictures directly, so I’d like to know about the best ways of converting RAR to ZIP for use in Webflow? And what is the fastest way to upload pictures then? Do I create an external link, or is there a fast way to upload them directly while maintaining the quality of the files?
Thank you in advance for your help!

There are many archiving (packing and unpacking) apps just choose one. If you on macOS use Keka. When is coming to images all is up to you what quality you are expecting. WF images quality is just fine and all is about export compression and format, but if you are not happy wit WF storage you can use for example Cloudinary but there is many other services starting with Amazon ending with DropBox.

@Stan’s right. Keka is a good option. It’s user-friendly and efficient for such conversions.
Regarding image uploads to Webflow, the quality you’re aiming for is key. If you need higher control over your images or are not satisfied with Webflow’s hosting, there are several external services you could consider. Cloudinary is a good choice for image hosting and management. It’s got a wide range of features for optimizing and delivering images.

When it comes to converting RAR files to ZIP, which Webflow prefers, you have a couple of efficient options on a Mac. Since macOS doesn’t include built-in support for RAR files, you can use third-party applications like BetterZip or Archiver. You can read more about the whole process in this guide on how to convert rar to zip on a mac.
Then, to upload images to Webflow, use the Add or Assets panel, Quick find, or directly from your computer. Remember, images have a 4MB size limit. Optimize them before uploading for best quality. Webflow creates responsive variants for different devices. Upload images using the “cloud” icon in the Assets panel or drag and drop them onto the Webflow canvas for convenience​​.