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Convert Webflow to WordPress: Best practices?

Hi everyone!

If I convert Webflow sites in WordPress themes, what remains and what is removed during the process? For example, the animations and interactions are all preserved? Custom navigation, mobile-only changes and scripts too?



To my knowledge, Webflow doesn’t work with Wordpress. There is no export to WP. I’m sure someone else can elaborate on this more, as I’ve only been using Webflow for a short time.


Yes, yes… in that case I’ll make the conversion with Pinegrow, manually. I just need to know what I can keep and what I’ll need to recreate by myself during the process.

If you manually convert correctly, everything will remain the same. In fact, if you know how to, you can add features that Webflow doesn’t support, like user registration+login/e-commerce as well. Intermediate PHP knowledge is required.

You need to include all the scripts and stylesheets that is provided in the export zip.

Here are some examples of projects that I have converted to Wordpress:

(CMS Pages/CRM/Contest/Blog+Categories/Ad management)

(CMS Pages/CRM/Contest/Quiz/Blog+Categories/Product+Filters/Directory+Filters/Ad management)

(CMS Pages)

To make your site CMS editable in Wordpress, I use the plugin called Advanced Custom Fields Pro. If you are using ACF but you are not a web developer, you will also need this ACF Theme Code Pro to generate the PHP codes from the ACF plugin. There are many other plugins required as well to make your job easier.


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