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Convert to link made text permanently underlined? And also, how do I get rid of a single paragraph of text on smaller sizes?


Back again with some more questions. I converted a div block with text and a background into a link (using the command “Convert to link”). This worked great, except the nested text has permanently become underlined. I can’t seem to find the setting that changes this, it’s not the classic underline no underline command under Typography.

I also have a second, less pressing question: On smaller sizes, I’m trying to reduce the amount of text on my landing page. I want to remove the second paragraph of text that I’m showing. I just can’t figure out how to delete it without removing it from earlier pages too. I tried giving the text boxes additional classes at the tablet size, but it then also applied that new class to larger sizes.

Would love any leads, thank you!

Here is my site’s Read-Only


For the first issue:

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For your second issue.

Each breakpoint size can will keep the same classes as the ones above, but you can have unique CSS at each level.

Make sure you have each paragraph as a seperate element.

Then select the screen size you want the second paragraph to not show on.

Change the Display of that element to None.

All screen sizes smaller will inherit that style, so you don’t need to do it any lower, while the larger sizes will keep the original style.

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Thanks so much again, Drew! Hiding and unhiding makes a lot of sense!

This is perfect, I didn’t notice the inherited selector part but that makes sense to me. Thank you for the vid, Shokoaviv!!