Convert html table using css HELP PLEASE!

I am new to Webflow and rusty on css, however I am trying to design a new grid using css and running into one formatting issue after another. If anyone is interested in helping me out I am will pay for your time. Below is an image of the format I am looking for. The green color is content that will be pulled from a database, the red color will be a hyperlink, the black text will remain permanent.

I also am looking for a little php knowledge as well.

Thanks in advance.

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This could be done within Webflow CMS, why are you doing custom CSS?

Where are you pulling your data from? What is the concept behind this? etc?


Sorry I didn’t explain myself. I will be hosting this on another MySQL/PHP server that will contain custom CMS individual password protected pages that will be used to manage areas of the content with the MySQL database. The php will request data from the database and loop this css table as many times necessary. Hopefully this gives you a better picture of what I am trying to achieve. If not feel free to ask me questions.

Hi @Jeremyb,

That does clarify it a bit better. However, this is more of a custom code help through the freelancer community. I have since changed your category to reflect this.

Also, why are you using MySQL? Is this a client preference or yours?
This could exactly could be done with Webflow CMS and integrating to give you the same results but without any of the messy code work. Just a thought!


MySQL/Php is my choice. I am familiar with Php & MySQL and just starting to use Webflow. I have watched a few videos and plan to play more with Webflow CMS later on but currently I have to stick with what I am familiar with.

@Jeremyb are you using WordPress? If so you could use the Udesly plugin for this to work a bit better.

The one thing to keep in mind is that php and mySQL are really not designed to be used with Webflow.

You would need some custom JS and an API to get the database to work. or export the static site design out to WordPress.

Hope that helps more.

I am not using WordPress? So for I tested out Webflow for my design and It seems to work with what I will need it for. I basically use Webflow to design my page layout including a 100 % height div where my php content will go. Next, export the design. Then bring the design into Dreamweaver or a code editor. rename the file from .html to .php and replace the “test text” with a php include file which is where it connects to the MySQL database and displays the request. Finally, I export the final file to the MySQL/Php web server.

This may not be the easiest way, but it is what I know and seems to work. Any suggestions?

@jeremyb, wow! That seems like a lot of work to do! If it works for you go for it. But when u can take a look at what Webflow cms and memberstack can do for u instead. No exporting code or having to do so much manual work! Just my two cents.

I sure will. Thanks for your suggestions, it is really appreciated.


if you still need help I can help you.

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@Jeremyb I just now started taking a php class so I can not help with PHP. I export my code also.
I, however, have sites that do not need a CMS or Database. Just static sites so far.

Hello @Jeremyb,

If you have not solved yet, you can contact me. I can help you with the design in return you can show me how to integrate a Php & MySQL project in the exported code. I have a little programing knowledge. You do not have to teach me how to program of course, just how to integrate an actual php project to the html.
If you are interested, please write me to:

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