Convert form submission to buyable product (lead generation)

Hello! -

I am a newbie designer attempting to build a relatively simple lead generation site. I am in the research phase and thus have no read-only link to share, however I do have a question about the conversion of form data.

I am attempting to convert data inputted by visitors into a buyable product, i.e. a lead. The basic flow I have would go as such:
(1)Visitor submits a form → (2)lead is created once visitor phone # is verified → (3)lead is added as an ecommerce product (product made up of data pulled from CMS item created by form submission? - is reference possible?) → (4)email notification sent to site members (customers, not those who have access to site design)

The design work of the site is mostly finished, but this automation flow is what needs to be implemented to finish the project. What is the best way of going about steps (2) and (3)? Are there any 3rd party integrations that would help complete the automation? I could be mistaken, but the in-house automation doesn’t seem to include some of the core features I require.

Thank you for reading!

2 sounds like it involves a manual verification, and 3 sounds like a strange way to use ECom.
None of this is impossible I suppose but understanding your objectives here is difficult without a prototyped site and a logical flow. Then you’d be able to ask more specific questions where you’re running into barriers

Generally in product development I aim for the minimum viable product (MVP) until there is revenue to justify thing like automation and a nice glossy sheen.

For you, I’d probably go;

Form submission
Make .com or other automation to trigger on that, and add your lead to a lead management system. Pipedrive, even Trello are good here. I like kanban boards. Notion could work well too.

You then take leads manually through whatever process you need, verifying phone, checking the data, deleting spam, creating products…

As it grows, add automation where you can. For example, I have a substantial publishing system build in Notion. When I move an article to “publish”, automations kick off to create CMS records, translate content, send out newsletter announcements…