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Conversion-centered fitness websites. Ongoing work

Are you a Webflow expert?
Can you design websites that look good, but convert even better?

When it comes to it, would you be okay with prioritizing conversion rate over aesthetics?
Even if that hurts?

Do you speak either English or (preferrably) German fluently?

I’m looking to partner with a web designer to offer beautiful websites to gym owners and other fitness professionals with a conversion guarantee - meaning if their new website doesn’t convert significantly better than their old one, they don’t have to pay.

It’s as simple as that.

Getting visitors to engage with their website, to raise their hands and express interest, to enter their names and email addresses and ultimately book an appointment or take them up on an offer is the only thing that matters.

Are you up for a challenge like this?

You’ll be compensated fairly of course.
These websites won’t be priced cheap.
We’re basically selling money at a discount here.
The website is only a means to an end - in this case growing their gym and increasing their revenue.

If you’re interested, send me a message.

I’m planning to go live with this in mid November.

Let’s make some money for us and our clients :slight_smile:

Just realized that there are no private messages on this forum :smile:
Anyway, just drop me an email at fitbiz @ if you’re interested.



I am interested, let m e send you some details

If you have more details for me , please feel free to reach me at

Best regards,
Scott W.
Skype: cis.scott

There are actually private messages on this forum, click on the avatar and hit message :wink:


Sent you a pm. :smile: