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Controlling Which Initial Section of a One-page Site a User is Initially Directed To on Page Load

Hi there,

I have created a site in Webflow, with the partial use of a template: The domain was purchased from GoDaddy, and am currently hosting it with Dreamhost (which requires transfering to Dreamhost’s nameservers).

My one-page website currently automatically navigates on loading to the bottom section (, and I want it to automatically initially navigate to the top section of the page (

I’ve setup ‘Forwarding’ in GoDaddy to try to achieve this ( forwarding to but it doesn’t seem to be working unfortunately.

I don’t know if it’s something I could/should be controlling in Webflow, or at a domain or hosting level.

I would be very grateful if someone is able to tell me what I’m doing wrong, and how I can remedy the situation so that users see the top part of my website ( when they first load the page.

Grateful thanks it advance,



Hi Joe,

My question here would be how is the site navigating to that section first?

Is there some code already in the site making it do that or is the URL of the site somehow being redirected to it as normally if you go to a web address it won’t do that and a site will show from the top first unless you code it to do so otherwise so I’m just wondering why and how it’s doing this?

Best wishes,


It’s because of your form. Your first field of the form is automatically selected. you can turn it off in your editor.

It’s called autofocus:

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Thanks so much Rowan – you’re totally right!

Have changed and the issue is now resolved :smile:

Grateful thanks Rowan - really appreciated :smile:


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