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Controlling the slider's pagination

Hi everyone!

First post on the forum, apologies for potential mistakes.

I’m working on a simple photography portfolio, with a slightly tweaked slideshow on the homepage :

My problem is that the pictures (and therefore the slides) have varied widths, that cause the slider code to cut them into a somewhat anarchic number of pages. Try a few different viewer sizes, you should find at least a few instances of some pictures never showing up whole.

I’d like to force the slider to have one bullet per slide, so that each picture is aligned to the left once. I’m guessing this can’t be controlled with the tools available, and that a few lines of custom code are necessary. Does anyone have any idea how to do that?


PS: Ideally, I would also like the first slide to be visible on the right of the last slide in the same way as all the others. I’m afraid it would take a much more complicated intervention, but in case someone knows just how to do that…

Edit: the client changed their mind so the public link will soon show a page that doesn’t feature the slider I described. I’m still interested in the answer, but it’s not great UX if you can’t see what I’m talking about.

Just don’t style the actual slide itself, but place content of varying widths inside the slide.

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