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Contracts Between Contractor (Web Developer) and Client - Help!


Having built my web development business website, I now need to consider contracts that my clients will sign so that the work agreements are enforced by law and so that the clients feel comfortable.

I am based in England (London). I make websites for a flat rate, though I also charge monthly fees for Social Media Marketing, Web Maintenance, Search Engine Optimisation.

Do I need to create one contract for the flat rate (for example, GBP 10,000 for a fully developed, working and responsive website) and another contract for the monthly payments? I would like to include into the monthly payments contract a 6 month break clause. Or can I fit both contracts (flat rate and monthly payment) into one?

I’m not a lawyer and so I’m looking for contract templates. LawDepot looks good with this particular contract. It’s an Independent Contractor Agreement. I’ve registered a company though, so do I still count as “Independent”?

On LawDepot I was asked a few questions and a contract was drafted for me to give to a client. I just don’t know whether this is the right contract.

Any recommendations? All help is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I moved this to general because the freelance category is for job postings. I’ve used the web design templates on before edited to fit what I need. You can even search webflow on there or any services you like. There is also which does proposal, contract and e signing right in one app along with taking payments if you like. You shouldn’t need to pay a lawyer for this, google is your friend. Internationally, its going to be hard to enforce anything anyway so thats why I ask for 30-50% upfront and sometimes even 100% upfront if it’s a smaller job. That way you both have an investment in the project.

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