Continuous audio play between pages?

Hey there! Is there any way to enable an audio player (custom code) to continuously play an audio file, without any gaps, when the user loads a new page? For example, a user plays a podcast episode, and is still able to browse the website while listening and does not need to press play again.

I know this would be much easier in a single page app, but this is a special request from a Webflow user :). It looks like something similar is possible in Wordpress with browser cookies, but this solution would have audio gaps between page loads, which is not the level of continuity I would like.

You can try using iframes like this:

but you might need to learn how to use the HTML5 history API to push the URL of the page to the location bar: Using the HTML5 History API | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks

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Thanks Nelson! I will try out the HTML5 history api solution :slight_smile:

Hello Nelson, would it be possible to make the example available as read-only, or post an example of how you used the API? Much appreciated!