Contest voting system


I am trying to create a page where visitors can vote for their favorite art piece. I was wondering if anyone built something like this before using WF?

I can use a form, but then people could vote multiple times… Is there an elegant way to avoid double voting? Perhaps with an external service?


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Have you done any research yet? Perhaps an easy Google search will allow you to suggest a few possible candidates for us to look at?

I wish I’d find something valuable, but not yet. Still searching.

@samliew I think I found a solution. Using Facebook comments on the page. People can use their FB account to comment the name of the project they like. No double voting :slight_smile:

What an interesting technique! I also want to create a real-time voting system for a online contest, but I am not a coder. Would you mind sharing your website and how to do that? Thank you so much.