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Contents within the first 100vh is not clickable anymore

Hope i can find some help because it’s my client’s website now and it’s not serious…
From few days, every pages relative to the products have like an absolute transparent section on the first 100vh of each pages, the result is no any content is clickable anymore… The content under the first section is clickable, it’s really like an invisible 100vh layer on the first screen. I republished every pages already because of the bug about grids, but the problem is somewhere else, i reported this bug already but i can’t wait to long to fix it. Please check by yourself here Alexandre Garel - Official Store

Bisous !

Hi @Vincent_Vacossin,
I just tried the link on mobile. But for me it is working properly. I’ll test it on my desktop later.

You should try deleting your browser cache.

Did you inspect the element, which are not clickable. Just right click on the not clickable Elements, and see what the inspector says. Maybe there is sth. Overlapping.


Thank you for checkup it was ok on mobile and finally i changed static to relative and it fixed the problem on desktop.

Cheers !

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