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Content will not center vertically in the viewport…

Hello All,

As mentioned in the title, on all of the interior pages of the website (on all aside from the homepage) the content within the mobile version of the navigation will not center vertically in the viewport (see attachment). I am able to get it to center vertically on the homepage version of the mobile navigation, but for some reason it will not on all of the other pages (I’ve created a second version of the nav with less padding for the rest of the site). Would someone be able to help me out here?

Thanks in advance!


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@kholcombe - it is centering, you just have the height set to 100vh , so it’s taking the total height of the viewport (not just the area your div is taking up) and setting the container to that height and then centering the content within that. So if you delete the nav element and remove the 110px padding you get this:

So how it is now centered?

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Hello Sam,

Thanks for your help—your reply ultimately led to my solution. Thank you!