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Content Security : How to trigger Webflow API on Application Start / Pre-load

Hello, all.

I’m new to the Webflow environment and in the overall review process. I have been building a simple site and reading some documents. But, I am unable to see any events/hooks that will allow me to change or filter content in my elements in run-time. Meaning, I would like a application start or page load level even hook to call an api, consume querystring data, and then update, alter, and/or remove altogether certain content blocks on my pages.

Essentially, we want to display dynamic blocks of content to the user based on incoming querystring data, not static collections.

We do a lot of marketing and we would like to send people offers in email with links that contain their UUID and a offercode that would then allow the offer to be displayed to only them. We do not want to pre-load this content into browser if they’re not eligible to see it.

Correct. Your external app will need to call “Get All Items For a Collection” every X-interval, cache/store the data somewhere, and then be able to perform your own search/filter based on the collection fields as needed.

HI, Samliew.

I understand what you’re saying…but, I don’t think this really answers the question of ‘How to trigger Weblow API on Application Start / Preload?’.

#1 Does Webflow have an ‘Application Start’ or ‘Pre-Load’ even trigger? All i see is on ‘Publish’ and ‘Form Submit’?

Um no, because Webflow sites and API are not “applications” by itself. They are only a means to get to the data. They do not have a “Start” or “Pre-Load” state.

This will have to be implemented by your external, third-party application.