Content repeated in CMS blog posts

I was making a CMS blog post for a collection where each post has a different number of items.
However, now if I remove an item from one of the pages it gets removed in all pages, which wasn’t happening before. Not sure if its a bug or how can I solve it

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Track&Record

Hi Helena,

I’m not clear on what items you’re referring to, but I’m going to guess it’s these numbered fields you have in your Remastered collection;

The way you appear to have this setup, when you want to add or remove items from a Remastered CMS item, you just populate or clear those fields.

If you’re deleting elements from your CMS page, that will affect all other Remastered CMS items as well.

The thing is that, in some blog posts under ‘remastered’ i have say 13 images, while in some I just have 3 or 4, and each page has a different layout depending on how many images I have, so when I try to make a bespoke layout for one blog post, it overrides in the other pages from that collection

For example, in one page i want this video, but in the other one I dont want it, but if I delete it from one page, it gets removed everywhere

That’s not a feature of Webflow. The CMS template is shared across all pages that use it, so the best you can do ( and what I’m guessing you originally had setup ) is to have multiple fields and use conditional visibility to hide/show parts of your layout.

You can get reasonably creative with that approach, but you’ll never have a layout-per item.

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