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Content not staying in the grid on smaller screen sizes?


Im really struggling to keep the content especially the testimonials to expand and show all the content on lower screen sizes. does anyone have any ideas of how to get it to be responsive to screen sizes because ive tried everything i can think of>??

here is my site


Thanks for any advice because this has really been doing my head and massively slowing down my progress

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Can you be more specific as to what exactly does not expand?

When I make the screen size bigger or smaller it cuts out half of the content

Cheers for looking though

I looked at the Testimonial element, I think You should get rid of the minus margin. second, try to decries the font size (of the word “Testimonial”).
Also I found that you performed A Hidden overflow on the slide element, that’s why you can’t see the signature and the rest of the paragraph. Hope this help :blush:


Cheers for that but still struggling to get the grid to be responsive to the content inside of it?? if you expand it on mobile it just runs into the other element. plus for some reason on my mobile the slider is reading the other slides as content and is stretching the screen to the right which i really dont understand as it isnt the same on the screen sizes but it works fine on the others???

any help??
have a gander


thanks again for your help by the way. really like this forum. always help when you are hitting a wall


What runs unto the other element. what is the element and who is running? try to focus on one problem. I know Grid element can be annoying and it takes a time to feel comfortable while using this element. One point I found - you have over scroll problem, on the mobile the screen “runs” from side to side.

yeah on the mobile version it is bringing up all the other slides, thats why you can scroll right onto the other slides (sorry im not explaining myself to well here). any idea how i can fix it??

the other problem can wait but that bit is really annoying me. i just dont understand why its doing it??

thanks for looking though


Set this element to “overflow hidden” - hope this avoiding the over scrolling

that does work your right but unfortunately now my arrows have disappeared as well?? sorry for being a pain

any way i could do with whilst keeping my arrows??