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Content not showing in editor, but is in designer and on live site

Hi all,

I’m stuck.

When I enter the editor, the content is not appearing for the user to edit. Specifically, everything within the div called ‘content’ is not appearing. A div titled ‘background’ is appearing, so it seems to be specific to the div titled ‘content’. I have checked out the following -

  1. There is a page load animation applied to the content div on most pages. This includes opacity set at 0% as an initial state. However, even when I change this, the content still doesn’t appear in the editor. Also, on the home page the animation is not applied, but it still doesn’t show. None of the other animations applied have a display preference or opacity setting.
  2. I don’t have any initial opacity or display settings set for the div itself.
  3. I do have an animation added to all divs with the label ‘container’ which also has an opacity of 0% to start with. However, even items outside containers are not appearing (e.g. the purple footer), so it seems that it is somehow related specifically to the ‘content’ div.

Has anyone any idea what I could be missing? I am gazumped.

Thanks in advance,


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