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Content is not displaying in modal window

The mod window is poping up but it’s empty on working site. In Webflow it contains some content (pics, text). There is a link to the site . Click link at the bottom called “Отзыв клиента”. Also when window closes site rolling up to header but i don’t need that.

Hi @mr_ignashov, is it possible for you to share your public link for your site in design mode, you can enable this link from the main Site Settings page, and then paste that link here, so that we on the forum can check your site and help you :smile: Cheers !

Yes of course, there it is . I’ve turned layer with mod.window visible for your comfort. The window was made following this lesson [Tutorial] How to create a modal/pop-up in Webflow

I solved the problem of not displaying the content. It was just “display none” :smile: . But, when i close my mod.window the whole site goes back up to the header. How to solve that?