Content for Mailchimp

Is there a way to generate content for mailchimp (Or any other zapped email app)from the cms?

Hi @Spingrfx, can you clarify what you meant by generate content?

Do you mean a list of blogs to be sent as an email by mailchimp?

Thanks for the reply.

My client will be updating content pages through the editor. Is there a way to use the content from their post and place it in a for instance a MailChip generated email?

Doe that make sense?

In Business Catalyst I was able to take the content generated by an app(Collection) and push that to a broadcast email.

Thanks, I love this platform!

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This is more of an issue with Mailchimp. You can use RSS to pull content into mailchimp.

BC had email marketing built in so that was an option. Not so in WF.

Is this how you would put content from a collection into push emails from Mailchimp or any other solution you can suggest.



I have the same question.

  1. I write posts in webflow.
  2. I want to send a weekly email to my subscribers with the titles of my posts and links back to the site.

What’s the best way to do this?