Content Editor Can't Change Password on Protected Page

I have a client site with a password protected page. The content editor I setup can turn on/off the password but they can’t edit it for some reason. Is this by design or a known issue?

Hey Bryan, The docs show you can set a password in the editor.

If they can’t, try un-setting it in the designer then setting in the editor. If that does not work then reset it in the designer and open a ticket.

I set it in Designer and the editor can’t change it. I will try setting it in Editor. Thanks.

Hi! Did this work for you? I am still having the same issue and none of the advice here has worked for me.

Hello guys. I’m also having trouble activating and changing the password of a static page using the editor. (Works fine in the Designer).

Any ideas why this is? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: