Content disappears with certain path


I have a weird situation in my website where content disappears but only for one specific path (home > use cases). The content is accessible when I go from pricing to use cases, but is invisible when I go from home to use cases. I checked all overflows and show/hide options but can’t seem to figure it out.

If anyone has an idea what’s going there please help!!

When I look at your interactions panel for the “Use Cases” page, none of your timed actions link to anything. When I disable the animation, the pages worked fine. I suggest relinking the timed actions with their respective elements. Perhaps you duplicated the page, but the information didn’t transfer over? Let me know if that fixes things.

Thanks for your feedback!! I did duplicate a page for the use cases page but intentionally delete the animations. I don’t see any timed actions anymore. Can you provide a screenshot? Also, I don’t understand why the content doesn’t appear on that one path but it does on all others.

I figured it out! I just copied the section again and deleted the first one. No idea why but that did the trick for me. Thanks again for your help

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