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Content disappears when loading dynamic template in Editor

Hi there!
I think the editor has a bug. At first when the page load, everything looks fine. But right after the loading is done, the collection template page content just disappears (it’s only happen with the dynamic page, static page is doing ok).
Here is the video of the problem.

Please help!!!

Here is my public share link:

Hi @thangbe, thanks for reporting this. I am investigating this issue, I will get back to one I have an update.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Dave, thanks for your reply. I have updated my Chrome browser and here
is the screenshot of my Console. [image: editor.PNG]
Please help! I have to finish the website asap and I wish to use the editor
because adding content to the collections on designer site is taking me a
lot of time.
Thank you a lot, Dave.

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