Content disappears when below desktop size


Under About us / Board of Directors you can see a photos and text from a collection in desktop view, but they seem to disappear in smaller views.

Could some help me understand why this is happening?

Also, more generally, is there a way to see what properties are different between 2 different breakpoints? That would be very helpful when things are behaving the way I would expect from one size to another.

And, I would like the photos to have the same aspect ratio with one another, but the original photos do not (one is square the others are not and have somewhat different ratios). Do I need to crop them outside of webflow or is there a way to manage this without making them background issues. I put them into a div-block, but I’m not sure whether that should help.

Thanks for any help.

You can see the current state of the website at:

your list has a max height of 0px. You see the content on desktop because it bleeds out of the element. But for the other devices you’ve set overflow hidden to it so nothing is shown.

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