Content Disappears on preview

Hello All,
I am flumoxed! And any help you very excellent people can give would be awesome!

Alright, so I made a copy of a site to try out some design changes. The regular site still functions. The test one has a block (poorly labelled Div block 24… I know, I’m working on it) that adds some background design.
On the test site, my content disappears when published. Even if I delete ‘Div block 24’. Even if I give a pixel width/height (instead of auto) to every block in the heirarchy… which destroys my mobile version… but that’s a different thing.
The content stays invisible even in the editor until I reload the page.

And it only happened after I logged in this time. It happened once in the past, I went to a back up, and it fixed. I can’t do it now, cause I don’t have a site plan for my copy… but I am SLIGHTLY wary of adding these changes to my good site without knowing what’s going on. (I do have a site plan for the regular site, so at least I can backup if things go wrong).

-oh… the preview also crashes the animation that is in that same section.

Test site (problem):

Regular Site:

(feel free to give me other advice on my extraordinarily amateur webflow skills)

Thanks so much!

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