Content disappearing from page

I am experiencing a recurring problem with content on one of my pages in a project: the content keeps disappearing from the page, even though it shows the green checkmark saying that all changes have been saved. The moment I go to another page and then return, the Div Block I had just inserted disappears.

This is a recurring issue with that page and I have already rebuilt it from scratch because of this exact same problem. Unfortunately I cannot fully delete it and create a new one, because this project is still in a free version and once I delete a page it doesn’t let me add a new one. Was planning to purchase the site plan once the site was ready to go up, but like this I am not confident that I won’t experience the same issue again.

I have contacted support and unfortunately so far they don’t even know why it’s happening and somehow it feels that they are elegantly placing the blame on me, by advising me to save the changes and create backups…

I did save the changes and it still happened. I did create backups, but those backups soon became unavailable to restore from because of the still free plan which only allows me limited restores. :(((

My questions are:

  1. Has anyone experienced the same problem and may know the reason behind it?

  2. How can I be confident to buy a paid subscription when I have such issues that the support won’t address, saying they don’t know what’s causing it as they cannot recreate the problem? I have sent two videos in the past week showing the the issue and it’s still not fixed.

The problem is happening on the About page.

I’d be happy to hear if anyone here can identify the problem and even happier if the support treated this issue with a bit more consideration… I understand that they cannot recreate the issue, but they do see it happening so I assume they should try to fix it instead of assuming I didn’t save my project or trying to find workarounds… I understand some problems require a workaround, but I would assume that disappearing content is a serious bug that should be fixed and “I can’t replicate your issue” doesn’t seem to fix it.

Here is my site Read-Only:

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